Fire Station 9 officially open to serve Amarillo Residents

KFDA Fire Station #9

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Following today’s Grand Opening Ceremony, Fire Station 9 is officially open to serve Amarillo Residents.

The previous building for the station was over 60 years old and was in terrible shape, so the new building is something the entire city can be proud of.

Speakers at the opening ceremony explained how important is it for firefighters to be housed in a safe and well-functioning building, as they are at the station 24 hours a day.

The new station is spacious enough to fit both trucks, offers newly furnished living quarters, a gym, kitchen, and lounge area.

The station is also located in an area of Amarillo that makes it quicker to reach the community.

“This place has been needed for years,” said Fire Chief Jeff Greenlee. “The one we were in was 60 years old, and we just outgrew it. It’s a much better facility not only for the guys living here but for the trucks. There’s a lot more room and is located here by I-40 and Paramount, it’s a good location, and gives us good access.”

Firehouse 9 was previously located at Southwest 34th Avenue and South Western Street, but a proposition stemming from 2016 called for adding, upgrading and repairing facilities for the city’s public safety departments.

Firehouse 3 was built earlier this year and a third station, Firehouse 5, will be completed in late 2020.

The firemen also expressed how happy they were to have this station, and they say it makes them love their job even more than they do now.

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