San Jacinto neighborhood nearing last stage of development planning process

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The City of Amarillo is nearing the last stage of planning before adopting an official development plan for the San Jacinto neighborhood.

City officials are now in the process of deciding which needs of the San Jacinto community should be prioritized at the top of the development schedule, and to come up with the best plan, the committee allowed residents to vote on what they would like to see happen.

The Northwest Amarillo community hasn’t received much development attention over the years, so the city is ensuring community members are involved in every step of the way of the planning process.

“The goal of tonight’s meeting is to involve the community in prioritizing some projects for the San Jacinto neighborhood," said President of Urban Milestone LLC Cassie Wright. "We’ve done a lot of brainstorming with the community about what’s working here and what’s now, and now we’re trying to move into what we were going to do next.”

Residents have been very vocal about the needs of their community.

“So for Economic Development they’ve talked about things like an improvement program along Route 66, and sustainability. They touched on replacing their light fixtures with LEDs to make them more sustainable.”, says Director of Planning and Development Services, Andrew Freeman. “They’ve also talked from the housing aspect of some programs like tax incentive programs to improve homeowners to improve their buildings or landlords to improve their buildings to make better housing.”, he says.

Following the fourth public meeting, both the planning committee and residents were able to come up with the neighborhoods’ needs they feel should be addressed first.

“We have heard overwhelmingly that crime and safety is an immediate concern for this neighborhood as well as housing. And people want to have quality housing that’s affordable throughout the neighborhood, and we think those things are vitally important.”, says Wright.

The last step is to present the final plan to the community before it becomes official.

Once the plan is presented at the last open house in January, it will then be adopted by City Council, and work on the community can commence.

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