Abused animals get second chance at life

Abused animals in Amarillo getting second chance at life

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Charges have been filed against an Amarillo resident after a dog and cat were found near death in a home.

Following a tip on October 14, officers launched an investigation into the living conditions of the animals.

It was found they were abandoned in an apartment where the puppy was left in a kennel, officials remain unsure of when the animals last ate.

“The puppy was near death, she looked like a skeleton with a fur coat draped over her,” said Assistant Direct of Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare Christy Fischer.

Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare got custody when they were brought in on the criminal cruelty case and were quick to bring the animals back to health.

“The puppy had been in the kennel for I don’t know how long, unable to sit or lay down. So, she is going to have permanent issues with her feet,” said Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare Employee Jeffna Cox.

Authorities say the kennel was too small for the dog, leaving her to sleep propped up.

“We had to provide a significant amount, with a local veteran in town, emergency care for Clover, our little pit bull puppy to be able to survive this ordeal,” said Fischer.

After two weeks of care from Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare, both animals were returned to health, giving them a second chance at life.

“The funny thing about these guys is, they are absolutely in love with each other. They have bonded through their trauma as sad as that sounds. They sleep together; they play together; they wrestle together. They are just inseparable,” said Fischer.

Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare say it’s precious that the animals can look past what has happened to them, and they are happy to help with their journey to a new home.

They also want to remind people in Amarillo they are there to help you and your pets.

“When you get an animal, it’s for life. They are part of the family. They are not something you can’t throw away on the street or leave behind when you move. If you have to move, choose to bring them to us, we want to help them," said Cox.

Clover the pup and Binx, the kitten will be heading to a rescue in Missouri this Saturday, where they are promised to be adopted together.

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