The City of Amarillo to begin Phase 1 repairs of Martin Road Lake

The City of Amarillo to begin Phase 1 repairs of Martin Road Lake
Amarillo's City Council awarded almost half a million dollars in funding to an engineering company to develop a design for the Martin Road Lake project. (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The City of Amarillo will begin addressing the critical needs of Martin Road Lake.

Immediately following today’s approval from City Council, Phase One of construction fixing major drainage issues at Martin Road Lake will begin.

The two major drainage outfalls into the lake continue to see a significant amount of erosion.

As a result, residents can see problems with water quality.

Drop-offs are progressing more towards the roads making the lake a safety hazard, and the erosion takes away a lot of the flooding protection for surrounding neighborhoods.

“These particular ones came down to a safety issue. It came down to the edges of the lake had fallen into where there was some significant drop-off. So this became a serious safety issue,” said Director of Capital Projects and Development Engineering Kyle Schniederjan.

The city plans to build a much larger draining structure so that it’s much more challenging to experience erosion in the lake.

Once Phase One is complete, the city will then begin to listen to residents about what amenities they would like to have by the lake, and some of those suggestions will be used in the next phases.

“We’re going to have two public meetings coming up throughout November, and we want to have a conversation with the neighborhood about what amenities they want to see and expect out of the lake," said Schniederjan. “The lake provides a safety function, but it can also do much more. It can provide some recreation and some wildlife interaction, and so we want to make sure we understand what the community wants for it in the future."

The public will begin to see movement in the construction process within the next 30 days, and the final phase of construction could be completed by next summer.

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