Little free libraries popping up around Amarillo bringing more books to children

Updated: Nov. 1, 2019 at 6:08 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Today was the grand opening for the 5th Little Free Library in Amarillo. The whole purpose is to provide free books for children who might not have access to good reading material at home.

“It’s just been gratifying for Amarillo to become aware of this issue and pitch in. Our kids all over the city have big dreams and huge potential, and we can help. We can all help,” said Chandra Perkins, the Storybridge Director.

75-percent of the books are donated by the community. The rest have been purchased by members of the non-profit organization Storybridge.

“If you are out there and you have extra children’s books, and you want to drive to a little free library to donate just feel free, just look those up and come help us keep them stocked with good stuff for our kids,” said Perkins.

The Little Free Library, which opened today near Wills Elementary, was painted by artists from the Blank spaces program through Caprock High School.

“I think it’s pretty cool because it is important to kind of show our art out there to say art isn’t just this one thing. And have kids to see it too, it will like hopefully inspire them because that’s really all you want is to get someone thinking. If we can get kids to be thinking, and inspire them into probably doing a little bit more, then that’s like the best you can ask for,” said Valoria Alonzo.

Five more Little Libraries are preparing to open soon. Some are looking for the best location, while others are in the final painting process.

“The next five actually not air marked location wise but we have kind of general ideas. We are looking at San Jacinto, that area. We are looking at Eastridge for the next, for the next couple places,” said Perkins.

Kids have access to books at their school library, but this organization wants kids to have books to keep at home and to have before they start school.

“So this will give them one more place to get books. Storybridge is going to keep it maintained and stocked so that the kids can kind of oh let’s walk down to the little free library and see what’s there this week," said Perkins.

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