Good news with Dave: Good News just keeps getting better

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - I’m often asked if I keep up with the individuals that appear in some of the Good News segments.

Well, here’s an update on some of our most recent stories.

Viewers may recall Wyatt Merry, a high school student in Texoma, and a new friend that I keep up with.

Wyatt is 15-years-old, but already farming wheat all before even owning a driver’s license.

He won 7-place for wheat production in the FFA contest for the entire state of Oklahoma.

Through that success, Wyatt has picked up a sponsor and recently informed me that he had planted 20 acres of wheat for production again this year.

Carson Osbun, a Tascosa High School student, asked one friend to come to a Bible study.

That one gesture, quickly snowballed into asking others, and then others until more than 100 students were regularly attending his Bible study.

“Next thing I knew, I had 30 people in my backyard. And then every week a group about 20 people, 30 50,70, and just last week we had 130 people," said Carson.

At last, the report, students from several different schools, are now participating with more and more growth in this student-led revival.

“Currently we’re working on starting bible studies at other schools. We just want it to grow,” said Carson.

The Decision-Makers are a class of students at Bushland High School, that plan and perform community service projects.

We met them as they recently constructed a fence for Martha’s home.

They are part of Leadership for Change, a national curriculum designed to form leaders with the heart to give back to their community through service projects, some of which are already planned.

“This year we’re going to work with DAR, the Daughters of the American Revolution. We are going to work with the Bridge Advocacy Center. We also work with Rainbow Room," said Michelle Lancaster, a teacher at Bushland High School.

Garrett La Deau continues his Eagle Scout project efforts to give names to unmarked graves in the Roberts county cemetery.

He’s now over halfway to reaching the goal, with more than 50 markers placed.

There was the emotional moment when a mother met the daughter she had given up for adoption for the first time, 42 years later.

Dee Dee and Amy have become part of each other’s lives and keep up regularly with all the new extended family.

It seems that a lot of good news is just getting better. And that is some good news.

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