How Amarillo Homeless Shelters are keeping the homeless warm

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Amarillo Homeless Shelters are working together to make sure the homeless population has a 24-hour shelter option during cold weather.

The Salvation Army, Faith City Mission, and Guyon Saunders Resource Center have teamed up to make sure all three programs work seamlessly together to keep the homeless population off the street during the cold weather.

Unlike the previous Code Blue Policy, this new inclement weather policy does not typically have a restriction on what temperature it has to be before opening to the public.

“The problem with Code Blue is it did not activate until it was 17 degrees and below, and as we mentioned earlier, we all open our doors when it’s 38, and I think that’s so important because you want people to come in way before it gets below 17 degrees," said Executive Director of Guyon Saunders Resource Center Junie Harrison.

Citizens have the option to spend their mornings at wither the Guyon Saunders Resource Center or Faith City Mission, and the Salvation Army and Faith City Mission will open for an overnight stay before Guyon Sanders closes for the night.

All three shelters have adopted the same rules for this partnership, such as allowing pets and restricting residents from coming in and out of the shelters for safety.

Since the facilities have been full the start of this policy, each shelter is hoping to receive more volunteers during this season.

Faith City Mission will also open a brand new facility that will be included in this partnership, and is looking to open on Thanksgiving Day.

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