Creative family turns front yard into annual Halloween event

Creative family turns front yard into annual Halloween event

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - A family in the Panhandle is getting creative with old windshield wipers and unused Christmas decorations to transform their front yard into a Halloween event, where at least 300 children will attend.

A family in Dumas is getting ready for Halloween with their annual Halloween show and maze. Located on the corner of Powell and 2nd Street, you can see a huge Halloween display that was handmade by the Barber Family.

“Some of the kids that can’t make it to Amarillo, to the haunted houses and mazes, this gives them a good local place to go,” said Creator of Barber Family Lights Halloween Show Daryl Barber.

This is their 4th year doing the show, where they go through almost 100 pounds of candy. One year, they had 800 children show up to see the dragons, witches, wolves, skeletons, a human-size tarantula and much more.

“The werewolf is actually a Christmas Reindeer. We kept the original reindeer motion but added lights and the fur. So, Blitzen is now a werewolf,” said Barber.

Daryl, who is a mechanic, used old parts from cars to get the skeletons and witches moving in safe motion.

“We had a couple of old boards and an old wiper out of a car that was headed for the scrapyard if I didn’t find a use for it,” said Barber.

What started with a couple of pumpkin lights, has turned into a huge event where children get ready to see what else the Barber family will come up with.

“This year, I hope they are ready for more scares because it’s definitely going to be in there. We want them to get lost in the maze, the other years, they just had one route to get out,” said Chrystal Barber.

The Barber Family Lights Halloween event is free to everyone.

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