Amarillo College is opening a new creative space to elevate students work

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Amarillo College is giving its students a chance to elevate their learning experience, with new study spaces and technology.

“Amarillo College has been behind the times on this offering. Before the opening of The Underground, we have needed more technology and collaborative spaces for students, and we decided that it was time to make that happen,” said Digital Communications Coordinator Sadie Newsome.

The 11,000 Sq. Ft. $2.2 million space will include lounge areas and tables, and two classrooms with magnetic walls that you can write on. There are large and small private study rooms and a video production room.

“It’s going to elevate their work, it’s going to elevate their products, and it’s going to elevate their learning," said Newsome. "They are not going to leave Amarillo College without having the opportunity to create some high caliber pieces.”

Some of the amenities the underground offers cannot be found anywhere else on campus. Including the large and small private study areas, and the smart board video production studio.

Since Amarillo College is a commuter school, students have run out of quality study space during a break.

“Oftentimes, you’ll have just long enough amount between classes to relax, but not enough to go home and do other things. So, frequently you see students at Palace or chilling in the mall area. However, I think this is a space that is useful for a lot of those things to stay focused on class, as well as those gaps in between just to kind of chill and have a good time with a group,” said Hector Casanova, student government president.

Students have a quiet space to work in the library, but the area is often full.

“During finals, it defiantly gets crazier. The library and the computer labs are packed. So having this little area, especially with these classrooms they are having the large classrooms as well as the maybe two three-person classrooms, I think that those will be extremely helpful,” said Casanova.

The video studio will be open for students to record projects such as for speech class or professors teaching online courses.

This will allow them to face their students instead of having their back turned the entire time.

This Underground space will be open on November 5, 2019.

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