‘He begged me not to call the police’: Trial begins for former priest accused of sexual abuse

Updated: Oct. 17, 2019 at 5:56 PM CDT
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PARMER COUNTY, Texas (KFDA) - The trial of Peter Mukekhe Wafula, a former priest accused of sexual abuse of a minor, began today with opening statements and testimonies from several witnesses.

Wafula served in Hereford, Friona and Bovina before he was removed from the ministry in 2018.

The courtroom heard from several witnesses today, including some priests who work at the churches Wafula provided ministry to.

The first witness, Father Nestor Lara who works at San Jose Church in Hereford, spoke about a conversation he witnessed between Father Ramon Molina Mora, Wafula and the child’s family.

He described the child involved in the case as scared and crying during the conversation.

Father Mora, who worked with Wafula, took the stand as well, saying there are clear guidelines not to be alone with a child.

Father Mora also said, “Father Peter got on his knees several times asking for forgiveness” during the conversation with the child’s family.

However, the defense said in that conversation, Wafula was not confessing to touching the child inappropriately, but he was confessing to shaking his hand.

The courtroom also heard testimony from the the child’s stepmother. She said Wafula begged her not to call the police.

The child was the fifth witness who took the stand today.

He was very nervous while on the stand as he was playing with a pen and clenching his hands together.

He explained that Peter Wafula drove him over to the Church House, where the priest changed from khaki shorts to tight athletic shorts.

He described the incident in explicit detail, never cried but had to pause to take a deep breath.

He said since this assault, it has not been easy to trust anyone anymore and that he has been teased.

Questions will continue tomorrow with the child and other witnesses.

NewsChannel 10 will continue to follow this trial and provide updates as they are available.

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