Traffic stop in N.M. leads to arrest of suspected drug dealers in Amarillo

VIDEO: Traffic stop in N.M. leads to arrest of suspected drug dealers in Amarillo

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Three people have been arrested after a traffic stop in New Mexico led agents to a drug bust in Amarillo.

On Tuesday, Oct., officers with the New Mexico State Police stopped a car hauler for a traffic violation on Interstate 40 near Albuquerque.

While searching the car hauler, court records show police found 21 packages of crystal meth inside the vehicle.

During the investigation, agents learned the driver, identified as Rusty Dean Campbell, was delivering the drugs to Amarillo.

The driver agreed to assist law enforcement with the investigation and continued the delivery as scheduled.

The driver and law enforcement delivered the drugs to the TA Truck Stop at 7000 East I-40.

Law enforcement observed Bennie Baca driving at the truck stop with Sergio Chris Reyes riding in the passenger seat.

The car containing the drugs was unloaded from the car hauler, and Reyes got into the car and drove it to a home at 133 Hyman Street in Amarillo where police were waiting to take them into custody.

Court records show Reyes had a baggie of what is believed to be meth in his pocket, and Baca had a significant amount of U.S. money with him as well, which is consistent with drug dealing.

The owner of the home was also detained for further investigation.

During interviews with law enforcement, Baca and Campbell admitted to knowing the drugs were in the vehicle and that Campbell would be receiving a portion of the drugs.

Baca also told law enforcement that Reyes buys drugs from Baca and owed him a drug debt. Baca said Reyes was assisting in the drug deal to pay off that debt.

Campbell, Baca and Reyes were arrested on charges of conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute 500 grams of more of methamphetamine.

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