Pampa High School student leads kindness campaign

Video - Pampa Kindness Campaign KFDA

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Students at Pampa High School are dedicated to taking the act of kindness seriously.

The student body is now being reminded every day to put the "I" in-kind following a student-led incentive.

Senior Stori Stribling let her passion lead her to put this message on display for every student to be reminded as they walk the halls.

She believes her efforts are creating a domino effect for other students as she has already received an abundance of positive feedback.

“I’ve already had people come up and ask me, ‘what does it mean’? ‘What was the idea behind it?’ and it’s refreshing to tell them what my ideas were. I feel like I’m making a difference when I get to say to people be kind to everybody, and they seem to listen," said Stribling, senior at Pampa High School.

She is also a part of a student organization that focuses on putting positive reinforcement back into the community.

This group hopes people will stop overlooking just how vital the act of kindness is.

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