Good News with Dave: Bushland Difference Makers

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - A group of high school students from Bushland is working on a community service project.

“Today, we took down the fence, and we’re putting up like a new and renovated it for Martha’s Home,” said Abby De Loach, a Bushland student.

But this is not a weekend project, and the students are not taking time off away from school. This is a course that is a part of every school day.

“It’s a new course that we started offering two years ago, and it’s a community service course through Family and Community Services, and we go out and do various activities," said Teacher Michelle Lancaster. "It takes their advisory period, their class period and our lunch period. We go out and perform various acts of community service. We have worked with the Hope Center at faith City Mission we’ve worked with the ladies with Martha’s home extensively we, actually rebuilt to remodel their bathroom downstairs. We have worked with brown bag Amarillo feeding the homeless we work with a tent city.”

The students feel that making a difference is the biggest reward.

“To me, it makes me feel like I’m making a difference, and it’s helping people out, which makes you feel good, and not even for me, it’s making a difference in other people’s lives,” said Allie Rankin, a Bushland student.

Helping in a small way can give significant results, and it helps builds a community.

“Things like this, the people living in that program it’s a program like this, getting them there and so just being able to help in a small way even, like, and they are a big part of our community,” said De Loach.

Thus, the name that they call themselves is a direct result of their labor.

“So we call ourselves the difference makers,” said Mrs. Lancaster.

While the course is designed to focus on serving others, after talking with became apparent that they are also learning things about themselves.

“I’ve been in this class since last fall. And it’s essential to help the people that need it, but I also think it’s significant for me because gives you this nice feeling, whenever you go out and help somebody, and they say thank you,” said Aaron Havery.

The group is doing a lot of projects that help others, and this has helped to lead to some personal growth.

“Well, I want to do stuff and whatever I can do to get to help people, and obviously in this the region, activities so different than the normal academic classes,” said Cambri Cummings.

“It prepares you for stuff like college and the general education but stuff, like for me, service that prepares you for the real world and those things outside of what you know already,” said Sawyer Gentry.

Overall the future is something these students need to focus on, and this is a great way to help people and do that at the same time.

“It gives them a future to look forward to having a way to give back to those that have given to them," said Principal Kristi Culpepper.

The students will walk away from high school with a diploma, but also some entries in life’s resume, learning to help others along the way.

That’s some good news.

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