ART is a new method to treat PTSD and individuals with trauma

Updated: Oct. 11, 2019 at 5:52 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Amarillo mental health professionals are learning a new technique to serve the community better.

“So a lot of times in treating trauma, its a long drawn out therapy that can sometimes make people feel worse before they feel better," said Kristen Wylie MA, LPC. "So a therapy that is condensed and people can feel a huge change in only one session that’s definitely what spiked my interest in it.”

Two Amarillo therapists are bringing a new kind of therapy here to the area.

Their new approach is aimed to help anyone who is suffering from a traumatic experience, and they are doing it with Art. No not the stuff you hang up on your walls.

“What happens with traumatic memories is if it’s not processed and put away correctly? It causes a person to feel like there is still a threat today even though little or no threat may be present," said Julie Stender MSW LICSW. "So what we aim to do in this therapy is to put the memory and the effects of the memory into their rightful spot so that the memories of the traumatic event do not impair their day to day functioning.”

ART, or accelerated resolution therapy, is aimed to help individuals recover much faster from traumatic experiences.

“Not everybody has an hour a week to devote to counseling for sure for who knows how long uh this uh the research shows that this can be can have life-changing effects in one to four sessions,” said Bekki McQuay LPC.

The traditional talk therapy can frequently open old wounds and cause pain. Some might not ever want to relive their traumatic memory, so this technique can help by giving the client control over the session.

“So it removes the stigma from getting help because you get to keep your story or share as much of your story as you want, but the process will still help you to relieve your system of the invading sensations and emotions and the discomfort from whatever the situation is,” said Stender.

This technique, Art, is taught across the world and is now available in the Panhandle for anyone wanting to give it a try.

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