Childress ISD implementing suicide prevention programs

Video - Mental Health Training and Suicide in Childress KFDA

CHILDRESS, Texas (KFDA) - It has been a little over a week since the death of a Childress ISD student.

The 13-year-old was a member of Childress ISD and a the Junior High School Football team. However, he died as a result of suicide.

Childress is still trying to process his death and there is a mixture of sadness, shock and pain among the residents.

However, this hasn’t stopped school and community from coming up with a plan of action to recognize the signs of suicide.

First the Childress ISD will implement mental health training for administrators, staff and parents.

This training will look to teach how to recognize children who are at risk.

“It’s the same training that the staff will get, it’s first mental health first aid. It’s really to help you recognize the signs sooner, be able to help those students or children, and help us recognize the early warning signs of any mental health issue that we might see," said Childress ISD Superintendent, Rick Teran.

Town members have come together to try and uplift the family by giving monetary support and sending positive affirmations on social media.

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