Amarillo Senior Citizens Association to move off Amarillo College campus in 1 year

KFDA Senior Citizens and Amarillo College

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Amarillo College and the Amarillo Senior Citizens Association (ASCA) have come to an agreement on an off-site relocation plan.

After months of discussion about where the ASCA will relocate to next year, an agreement has been made for ASCA to leave Amarillo College’s campus when the new lease expires.

Since 1973, Amarillo College has leased the 29,000 square foot space for $1 a year to ASCA. In order for the college to build an innovation hub, the college announced its plan to relocate the seniors to a small space the the downtown campus in May.

However, ASCA has chosen to seek a new home location rather than relocate to the new, smaller space.

Under the agreement, Amarillo College has granted ASCA a full year to complete its move. The college has also agreed to help ASCA store its property should the new location be unavailable for move-in by Sept. 30, 2020.

“Amarillo College has been a great partner, not only throughout these many years past, but also during this process as we look to the future,” said Jude Jackman, a member of the ASCA board. “I’m happy that we could help the college meet its needs at the same time the college is helping us meet ours.”

If necessary, the college will also support the organization by other means. Amarillo College will offer discounted continuing education courses for ASCA members, while providing marketing and promotional support for ASCA events.

“I’m gratified that the Board of Regents could be part of a solution that helps benefit ASCA,” said Dr. Paul Proffer, chair of the AC Board of Regents. “The college values its longstanding relationship with ASCA. We extend our fullest support during the transition, and we wish them great success far into the future.”

If ASCA is able to move to their new location before September 30, 2020, Amarillo College will not hold them to the year long lease.

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