Weather whiplash, time to bring your plants in

Weather whiplash, time to bring your plants in
Time to bring your plants inside or cover them up (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Our Chief Meteorologist Doppler Dave Oliver is calling it the "weather whiplash," and if you’re wondering if it’s time to cover your plants or bring them inside, it probably is.

The owner of Coulter Gardens says it is really about time to start bringing your plants in or covering them.

When it gets below 20 degrees, it makes it extremely hard to keep any plant alive.

However, if you can't move your plants and have to cover them, make sure you are covering them with cloth material, allowing the plants to breathe.

"A lot of people use tropical’s outside, what we call house plants, but tropical’s don’t like it below 55 degrees. So it’s time to bring in tropical’s no matter what," said Owner of Coulter Gardens, Warren Reid. "Anything blooming or tender, make sure to bring them in for that night. Anytime it gets close to below 32 bring anything blooming in," said Warren Reid.

However, some plants flourish in these colder temperatures.

“Tulips, daffodil’s, crocus, all those things that bloom in the spring you want to plant after the first frost or freeze. Very cold hardy, they can stay there all winter and bloom next spring. One thing is you always want to water before a freeze. So trees and shrubs, you want to make sure and water before a freeze,” said Reid.

Reid adds the best thing to do is to make sure your plants are watered before a hard freeze. The reason being, water will freeze at 32 degrees and stay there, where soil can reach lower temperatures.

“This time it’s no big deal, we had all the rain last week, everything’s wet. But through the winter, you always want to water before a freeze for outside plants," said Reid.

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