Texas Panhandle Restaurant Association encourages youth to seek a future in the restaurant industry

KFDA Texas Panhandle Restaurant Association

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Texas Panhandle Restaurant Association encourages the youth to think about careers in the restaurant industry.

The Texas Restaurant Association’s new CEO, Emily Williams Knight, has mentioned how reputable the culinary programs here in the Texas Panhandle Area are.

So she’s been going around visiting high schools encouraging students to think about all the possible career opportunities that the restaurant industry has to offer.

The Texas Restaurant Association aims to protect and advance the restaurant industry, while also educating those looking to get involved and who already have careers in the field.

With an education in mind, the CEO visited three schools in the Panhandle to discuss with students how they can begin a career in this industry.

The restaurant business in Amarillo is continually growing, and Knight believes many interested students will prosper by taking this career path.

“In the state of Texas today, those numbers are just astonishing, we have 48,000 stand-alone restaurant units. We employ 1.3 million people, and we contribute $66 billion in this economy. So I think for them it was just opening their eyes to this world, and that they can build their career to being anything from a Top Chef, to the front of the house, to food technology,” said CEO Emily Williams Knight.

If you do have any interest in going into the food industry, the Texas Panhandle Restaurant Association has internships and other opportunities and resources available to help you get started.

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