Great white shark takes bite out of kayak, leaves behind teeth

Shark takes a bite out of a kayak

SAN DIEGO (KGTV/CNN) - Two men were midway through a weekend dive trip to Catalina Island when they decided to fill some downtime on Saturday afternoon by renting kayaks.

They paddled toward a popular dive spot called Ship Rock, and when they were just about there, one of the men felt something.

“Big push to the side. I thought Jon was messing with with me,” said Danny McDaniel.

It wasn't his friend, who was about six feet away.

"Him and the kayak moved drastically and continue to move," Jon Chambers said.

Then both men saw what was behind the pushing: A great white shark.

"Just saw a triangular, conical shaped head right there and a huge body a massive huge body," McDaniel said.

Inches away, McDaniel saw the shark’s mouth clamped down on the kayak. He estimates the shark was about 19-feet long.

"I was completely frozen," said McDaniel. "The primary thought was, 'Don't fall into the water.' Other thoughts were, 'Oh my God, this thing is giant.'"

“Oh crap. Oh crap. Oh Crap. And then I yelled at him for him to hit it,” Chambers said.

They kept their paddles out of the water and held their breath.

“It let go and turned between the two of us and dropped and we didn’t see it again," Chambers said.

When they reached the shore, they found puncture marks and scratches with two giant shark teeth lodged in the kayak.

"Definitely a sense of awe. I don't think he took a full chomp. I think he just kinda took a little nibble. I am grateful that obviously I didn't get injured. It wasn't my time I suppose," McDaniel said.

"He's literally the largest fish I have ever seen in 20 years of scuba diving and he came away from it unscathed. It is one for the books. It is not something you want to replicate," Chambers said.

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