Experts: Cursive writing helps students with learning disabilities

KFDA Writing in cursive helps children with learning disabilities

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Cursive has always been a part of the school curriculum, but after technology became more prevalent, the amount that cursive was taught drastically decreased.

Now, cursive has been implemented in all Texas schools. Teachers are finding that reading and writing in cursive is helping students with learning disabilities.

“For our students with dyslexia, if they have difficulty with reversals, cursive letter shapes are not easily reversed. They begin at the baseline, and it eliminates that difficulty for them,” said Kris Smith, the director of dyslexia at the Turn Center.

Educators noticed when students write in cursive, it leads to helping with children with learning disabilities.

“When they are writing in cursive, it’s connecting those letters into a unit, instead of seeing each letter as a separate stroke. It is making a little easier for them, they are becoming faster, and that’s always a plus when you have those students that struggle,” said Keri Melban, a dyslexia coordinator at Rolling Hills Elementary.

Technology is not going away, but they are now able to blend technology skills and penmanship.

“Kiddos that write their cursive on the smart board, as well as write their cursive on a regular piece of paper. So, I know even on your cell phones, and things can be changed into cursive writing as they are learning how to read and write cursive in standard form,” said Principal of Rolling Hills Elementary Erin Brandstatt.

Some students suffer from dysgraphia as well, which is difficulty writing by hand that can affect spelling and written expression.

“For those students, they would need the right type of intervention, and usually that is an Orton Gillingham based program that teaches cursive instruction,” said Smith.

Cursive is being taught throughout the Texas educational system, and it is just one tool instructors can use to help their students learn.

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