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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The city of Amarillo relies heavily on sales tax dollars. It is the largest revenue source, and it helps fund city services.

Shopping local and boosting sales tax revenue by simply two-percent can have a huge impact on the city.

“What that translates into as far as public services, to paint you an illustration, would be the based on current salaries and cost of seal coating a two-lane neighborhood residential street, we could hire 17 new police officers and seal coat almost 60 miles of neighborhood streets,” said Elaine Hays, Amarillo City Council member.

After the City of Amarillo officials noticed local sales revenues were down about three years ago, they began the campaign “Buy the way, Keep it local.” You are always encouraged to shop local, but one day a year, we celebrate “Lovin Local” shopping day, with exclusive sales and promotions.

“We are going to do 15% off all the MTN Ops orders that day, so purchases in-store and orders that you make through us will be 15% off,” said Jon Hairston, the owner of J and C Archery.

Not only is shopping local beneficial to the city, but also our local families.

“When we get money from sales, it goes to pay for karate, for this guy," said Hairston. "And school and maybe some basketball, yeah, that’s where the money goes to, rather than going who knows where.”

“The importance of how shopping local generates those sales tax collections that come into our general fund and allow us the ability to provide those city services,” said Hays.

This year shoppers will have a chance to win prizes such as a free stay at the Embassy suites, free meals for two, and more.

Winning is as easy as purchasing something in Amarillo or enjoying something Amarillo has to offer. Then take a picture with your receipt and post it to social media with the hashtag #LovinLocal, and you automatically entered to win prizes.

Winners will be notified the following week.

Prizes for LovinLocal winners
Prizes for LovinLocal winners (Source: KFDA)

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