Girl Power event empowering young women to be bold

Video - Girl Power to Inspire KDFA

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Young girls and their moms are gathering to learn how to deal with difficult situations they could face during this time in their lives.

“This is such a tender age for this girls, for these girls. We always want them going in the right direction,” said Donna Fansler, associate director of Laura W. Bush Institute.

Local optometrist Shauna Thornhill will share her story about her challenging childhood, in hopes of encouraging young girls to never give up and pursue their dreams, despite what others think.

“She started out generational poverty and she grew up with people telling her she would never amount to much. She was ever dissuaded from trying to get scholarships so she could fund her own higher education. She just didn’t listen to anyone. She knew she was better than that and she proves it everyday. She’s really amazing,” said Angela Knapp Eggers, senior director of Laura W. Bush Institute.

“Hopefully doing things like this will show these kids you can do this and you can go further. You can go to college, you can go into a trade school, whatever you want to do. You can do it and you have the ability,” said Mandi Ried, a speaker for the event from the Discovery Center.

Girls and their moms will also learn of the importance of internet safety and what to look out for.

“Parents think they know how dangerous the internet can be, but until someone like Candy Gibbs of Hope choice explains to them what to look for what to prevent, and how to do it it’s actually frightening. The little girls and their brothers even don’t know what they’re getting into when they get on the internet or they get on their smart phones or on their computers. It’s something every parent needs to hear about,” said Eggers.

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