Good News with Dave: volunteers welcome South Georgia students every day

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - It is a cold and wet windswept morning here in Amarillo, and you got to get the kids to school.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have somebody that helped you get the kids out, get an umbrella, and get them in?

That is precisely what happens every morning at South Georgia Elementary.

A group of men from nearby South Georgia Baptist Church volunteer every morning to open car doors, help the kids along the sidewalk on dark mornings, and days like today, provide umbrellas to help fight the weather conditions. But on every single day, the volunteers offer the kids a warm smile and a high five.

“I like doing this every day,” said volunteer Oscar Waters. “We did this last year and the pastor, he set it up with the school. And we also do it for another school, and it has just been gratifying to come up here and make sure these kids are safe in the traffic and greet them, and they all got special stories. Like this little girl about this tall, come up and said, we got a new car, what did you get? We got an Escalade!”

Volunteers come three to four times a day to make a child’s day.

“We have a crew of guys who work the week through... some guys are here three or four days a week, some guys are here for a couple of days," said volunteer Marcus Wilson. "And you know, these kids come here every day, and we just want to try to be here every day and greet them, and walk them to school.”

The school greatly appreciates the impact of this unofficial welcoming committee.

“You can see when they walk in the door, first thing in the morning, they get high fives from at least eight people every morning so even if they’re starting off having a bad day, they end up walking in smiles," said South Georgia Elementary principal Heather Newman.

However, on a morning like today, coffee shops are a lot warmer and drier, but it is a want to give back to the community that drives these volunteers.

“We just want to serve the community, serve the school, love on the kids and just welcome them and get them started with a great day with a simple and a hi-five," said Wilson.

Just a simple daily routine of showing support to the students makes a huge difference that is noticed in the entire school.

“You can see it on their faces that they know they’re loved and supported and that their communities are behind them," said Principal Newman.

Shine, sleet, rain and even snow will not stop these volunteers, and they great each day just like the kids they help.

“Yeah, we did it last year, three layers of clothes. It’s just another day," said Waters.

People like that who love to help moms, kids and the school - even on a day like this - make for some good news.

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