The City of Amarillo is confident with draining water to prevent future flooding

KFDA City Drainage During Rainfall

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The City of Amarillo is actively working on maintaining a proper draining system during this week’s rainfall.

Chief Meteorologist Doppler Dave Oliver says Amarillo has received three times the amount of rainfall than the city typically sees in the entire month of October.

As a result, city officials are monitoring the draining system to ensure roads stay as safe as possible.

The first method the city uses to drain rainwater is the streets.

However, in certain parts of the city, the storm sewer system is utilized once streets show they aren’t draining water fast enough.

That rainwater is then drained into Playa Lakes around the city until the lakes are full.

City officials mention as of right now, the lakes are about 60 to 75 percent full, and as the rain continues, they may have to start pumping the lakes into the Canadian River.

“We try and pump the lakes anytime they get any kind of rainfall event. The problem we have is we use the same drainage system that’s being used during the rainfall event. So we have to wait until the rainfall stops to start using the pumps. However, even yesterday, when we had those two or three hours of sunshine during the afternoon, we were pumping those lakes before the next rainfall event came,” said Matt Thomas, City Engineer for Amarillo.

Thomas says he doesn’t see this rainfall posing too much of a problem for the drainage system right now.

However, his team will continue monitoring and will take necessary action to ensure there will be no serious flooding.

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