Center City promotes development in downtown Amarillo

Downtown public and private investments kfda

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Center City promotes development of downtown and are highlighting private and public investments.

Since January, a total of $57 million split between private and public funds went towards new business buildings in Downtown Amarillo.

The most significant investment was the new Hodgetown baseball stadium.

However, since the stadium's opening, investors have begun putting their money into surrounding vacant buildings.

Private investors have now turned those many vacancies into new restaurants, office spaces, and shopping areas.

As a result, the city has now reopened two apartment buildings Downtown and reopened the historic Levine’s building for new office space using federal and state tax credits.

“The biggest part of this report that $42 million in public/private partnership and that includes everything from places that used a combination of private money and historic tax credits, private money and a Facade grant from Center City, or maybe private money and a combination of hotel / motel tax,"said Executive Director of Center City of Amarillo, Beth Duke.

Center City believes the Downtown area will be a place where residents can live, shop, work, play and worship.

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