Alzheimer’s Association working to fight rising number of cases in West Texas

Alzheimer's Prevention in Amarillo KFDA

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - A recent study from the Alzheimer’s Association says that the number of people with the disease is increasing in Texas.

"There are 5.8 million people diagnosed in the United States with the disease. That’s going to triple in the next 20 years; it will be 16 million people diagnosed. In the state of Texas, last year we had 380,000, this year it’s 390,000, so the disease is only going to increase," said Ameka Mobley, Alzheimer’s Association, West Texas.

New studies and discoveries are made each year that suggest one tactic over the other for fighting the disease.

However, it is those who work closest with Alzheimer's who say they know what needs to be done for people afflicted with the disease.

“There are so many things. People say do these brain tests on an app or these brain stimulation apps, or a crossword puzzle every day or aerobics, and all these things are great. Aerobics especially is going to increase the blood flow through your body, increasing the blood flow to your brain, delivering oxygen to the cells. These are the things that are going to delay anything. I think that the most important thing, is that early diagnosis,” said Many Quinn, principal and executive officer of Cottage’s Senior Living.

The best way to take those first steps to see if you are a candidate for dementia and Alzheimer’s is with a memory screening.

“We have a memory screening coming up on November the 12th. Texas Tech University sponsors that, and it will be at their campus on Coulter, starting at nine a.m. that morning. You don’t have to do anything ahead of time. Just show up that morning, and it’s a quick 20-minute screening,” said Mobley.

Along with the free screening, being offered. Amarillo is working towards being a city that accommodates and serves those with memory loss.

“We are working throughout the community with different sectors of the community to make Amarillo a dementia-friendly community. Our goal is to help educate people at every sector of our community, what Alzheimer’s looks like,” said Mobley.

The goal behind the memory screening and initiatives to become dementia and Alzheimer’s friendly community is for those suffering from these diseases will have no shame admitting it and seeking help.

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