Good News with Dave: Boy Scout is honoring the unknown and their unmarked graves

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ROBERTS COUNTY, Texas (KFDA) - Edith Parks was born in 1897, and at the age of 21 succumbed to influenza and died in the Miami area.

However, until recently, visitors to the Roberts County cemetery would have never known this because she rested in an unmarked grave.

Edith is just one of many unmarked graves that will be receiving names and memorial markers, thanks to an Eagle Scout project of Garrett La Deau, and family.

La Deau goes into detail on how to approach finding the people and matching them with a funeral marker.

“So this is a baby that died, and all that has been placed there has been a funeral marker," said La Deau. "So what we want to do is take out this flimsy old one and put in a better permanent grave or headstone.”

The project stems from a family interest in history.

“Well we were just driving in a car to church one day, and my Mom had the idea cause, she likes to make family history, and she thought it would be a good idea if we can better represent ones that have fallen," said La Deau. "I took that idea, and I had to call it in with my scout people and make sure it is okay to do this and talk to the county. So we had to first research on where they died and how they died and when. And then we can go about and ask donations from the community.”

Through the project research, incredible stories have been uncovered from those of old war veterans.

Buffalo hunters in the area, and ordinary people just passing through the Panhandle in the early days, unable to afford graves and markers for their loved ones.

Garret says there is sadness when a marker or somebody that doesn’t have a name.

Here's a little sneak peek at Garrett's interview with Doppler Dave. The story will air tomorrow night at 10:00. (It was so cool to get to meet my favorite meteorologist, by the way!)

Posted by Ambryn La Deau on Wednesday, September 25, 2019

“Kinda sad, like they have died and you don’t know who is there or what they have done," said Garret. "Like we have a veteran here that died from war, and he died without a marker.”

If we compare people’s lives to stories, thanks to Garrett’s work, some of those stories now we’ll have titles that can be seen and remembered.

If someone out there wishes to help or donate to Garrett’s cause, head on over to his Facebook - No Longer Forgotten - for more information.

Now that is good news.

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