Amarillo will replace broken water mains to improve fire safety and water flow to residents

Amarillo will replace broken water mains to improve fire safety and water flow to residents
A water main break left many residents in Moanalua Valley without water Thursday. (Source: (Image: Hawaii News Now))

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - If you have been experiencing problems with your water pressure or quality recently, it may be because your water main needs replacing.

Starting this November, the City of Amarillo will begin a replacement project for two-inch water mains in the North Heights area of the City.

While there are quite a few water mains all around Amarillo that could use a replacement, this area seems to require the most maintenance.

Construction will include creating small incisions in roads and alleys of specific neighborhoods which will allow contractors to access water pipes.

During the construction period, residents can expect minor inconveniences such as road closures, dumpsters moved out of alleys, and water outages for a short period.

However, the City is required to give all residents a 24-hour notice before inconveniencing anyone.

“There may be some road closures for a brief period. However, we’re going to try to minimize those to one week at the most. We’ll have traffic control and detour signs to help people figure out where to go to minimize that. Another thing is that a contractor will be working in the alley, so we’ll have our solid waste department relocate dumpsters in the street so that they can continue to get that solid waste service during the project," said Alan Harder, assistant city engineer.

Some of the advantages residents will see once this project is complete is nine new fire hydrants which will be equipped for fire safety and better water flow in homes.

This project is expected to be completed in August of 2020.

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