Amarillo’s new “Road to Hope” program helps children with incarcerated parents

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - To help alleviate financial barriers for children with incarcerated parents, Bank of America announces Opportunity Inc.'s “Road to Hope” project.

The “Road to Hope” project is one of 13 non-profits around the world which was selected to receive a $50,000 grant where all of the funds will go towards scholarship.

The scholarship will help with funding and mentorship aid for children who have lost their parents to incarceration.

Parental incarceration can include many harmful outcomes for children and teens, and this program looks to give hope of a better future for these young people.

When selected as a “Road to Hope” participant, children will receive financial aid to assist with post-high school tuition or job training expenses.

However, participants will not only benefit financially, but they will be matched with a mentor.

The mentor will who they can depend on for emotional and moral support as they continue with their lives.

“There are so many undeserved populations, and we often think that giving a student some money to help them with school is all they need. And that is not all they need. All students need some encouragement, a positive role model in their lives. So the mentoring piece of this will provide that in a way that’s not often done with scholarship programs,” said Keith Brown, executive director of Opportunity Plan.

The “Road to Hope” project is asking for anyone interested in becoming a mentor in this program or would like to be a financial donor to please head over to their website.

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