Suicide rates increase among Veterinarians

Suicide rates increase in Veterinarians KFDA

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Suicide rates are continuing to increase among veterinarians, according to the CDC.

It’s been revealed by a local vet that this is a common issue in the Veterinary field as doctors are working in a high-stress environment every day.

Suicide is a reality that not only Veterinarians face, but also doctors in every part of the medical field.

Some factors, specifically concerning veterinarians that could trigger high stress, include financial constraints.

Health care for animals can become a financial barrier for many animal clinics. It can also be a burden for those clinics that look to help animals still even when their caregiver can’t afford it.

Student debt is also a common stress factor amongst vets. Because they attend medical school for eight years, and they don’t make nearly as much money as other doctors.

Finally, just like other doctors, vets are required to make tough decisions for the lives of animals that can tend to weigh heavily on their mental state.

“So every day I try to get outside for a fresh air break, get off the phone, step away from my desk, drive around the block, get a drink. At the end of the day I like to get out of work on time, there’s always a stack of something to do at the end of the day, but being able to tell what can wait and what needs to be taken care of urgently are important decisions I make to try to have a good work-life balance,” said local Veterinarian, Beau Shilling.

If you find yourself struggling mentally in high demand career, you should seek help from a mental specialist as soon as possible.

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