Benton Duby: The next great football coach

Benton Duby: The next great football coach

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - There is no one more passionate about his or her job than Amarillo’s own Benton Duby.

“He’s just a special individual, very special to a lot of people,” Amarillo Sandies Football Head Coach Chad Dunnam said of Duby.

Duby is a Student Assistant Coach with the Sandies. He’s a junior who’s an offensive savant when it comes to creating different schemes. And it’s no surprise why when you keep in mind he’s a quarterback at heart. Although, life always has a way of creating ripples in a pond.

“So I threw my arm out going into my freshman year," Duby said. “I filmed the whole year for my freshman team, Coach Dunnam came back in, I got released, reinjured my arm, had surgery on it, and they asked me to come on as a student assistant coach and it was a true blessing.”

Duby, who pairs his love and enthusiasm for the game with a heavy dosage of optimism has always chosen to stay positive. And that’s helped him realize what he’s been put on this Earth, or rather this gridiron, to do.

“Things happen for a reason,” Duby said." I think God has things happen for a reason, and this is what I want to do when I grow up. I wanna be a coach, and that’s my dream and I think Coach Dunnam has blessed me with a great opportunity.

Now unlike his teammates on the field, Duby doesn’t exactly have the same chance to earn a college scholarship to participate in football. Players get the chance to play on Saturdays all the time, but student-coaches are a whole different story. He has to get into his dream schools the old-fashioned way; with good grades and a little bit of luck. Duby knows that wherever he winds up though, joining the college football team’s coaching staff is a must, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get there.

“I just want a chance to be a student assistant coach somewhere,” Duby said. “That’s my 100-percent goal. I’ll work to be a student assistant coach, eventually work my way up to be a graduate assistant. It’s a lot of hours. There’s only two offensive GA’s per school, eventually work my way up to a position group to offensive coordinator and eventually to head coach. That’s the main goal.”

And even though Duby will take any opportunity that is given to him, that doesn’t mean that like any fierce competitor, that he doesn’t have a couple of dream schools in mind that he’ll want to continue his coaching career at.

“Honestly, it’s just whoever gives me an opportunity," Duby said. "But of course I like schools like TCU and OU. Just an air-raid offense. I really love their offenses, and coach Riley’s a West Texas guy, went to Tech, same TCU’s offensive coordinator there. Two great schools right there, great academics, but I love their football programs. Truly an honor to watch them on Saturdays.”

The Amarillo Sandies are 2-2 and are fresh off a big 38-7 win over the Randall Raiders. Duby was part of that game, calling plays, just like he’ll be part of every game for the rest of the year until he helps bring home a state title to Amarillo. And he’ll do it the only way he knows how: By being a dedicated student-coach.

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