West Texas A&M and The Tape Art Crew host “Best of the Best” Gala

Video - Art Murals At WT KFDA

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - West Texas, A&M Arts Program, partnered with the world-famous Tape Art Crew to throw tonight’s “Best of the Best” event.

This gala will honor not only the work of The Tape Art Crew but also the work of many artists right on the campus.

The Tape Art Crew travels all over the world, displaying their art entirely made out of pieces of tape.

This group has been together for over 30 years, and their most recent stop was on the campus of West Texas A&M.

The Tape Art Crew transformed an ample space in the Mary Moody Northern Building with large taped murals in just 19 days with the help of 100 students.

“You see the transformation of the Atrium in a dark forest, and the themes that you’ll sort of pick up as you see along the wall is the idea that fire can represent storytelling. There’s a campfire down the end with a bunch of people huddled together that are telling the stories of this area, and yeah, we’re excited to see how people view it tonight," said Tape Art Crew artist, Leah Smith.

The art program at West Texas A&M invites the community out to tonight’s event as there will not only be presentations for the students’ art, but there will also be poetry readings, dance presentations, and more.

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