Small business forum for Women, empowering women


AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Women from all over the Panhandle came together Thursday, to help each other's ideas and businesses grow.

Bringing new businesses to Amarillo and the Panhandle area is essential to keep the economy growing.

“It feeds our economic cycle," said Amy Henderson. "The commissioner with the Governor’s commission for women. So if we have businesses that open up shop, and they hire people that goes back into Amarillo. So those people are going to spend money in Amarillo, and it's just a big cycle. Small business or any type of business in Amarillo is essential because it helps us grow, and it helps retain the people that we have here.”

Women in attendance were able to ask questions, advise, and network with other entrepreneurs here in the Panhandle. Those entrepreneurs were able to give them the whole truth on how they got their ideas started, worked through the struggles, and are now succeeding here in the Panhandle.

“I do believe that we have the power to focus on what we want and put a vision, a goal and go for it especially when we help each other,” said Edna Wischkaemper, an Amarillo businesswoman.

Many residents in the Panhandle worry about their kids leaving the area and never bringing their ideas or businesses back home.

“Why not Amarillo? Amarillo is like you say, it’s growing. It's a booming community; there are great people here they are very loyal to local which is a huge plus for being a business owner in Amarillo,” said Canyon and Amarillo businesswoman Kristal Burns.

Small businesses based in the Panhandle were there to use their expertise to help other women succeed. For example, one local woman-owned photography company was there to give free professional headshots to all in attendance.

“We have so many opportunities here," said Amanda Hale, an Amarillo businesswoman. "So I defiantly want every female that is watching to be inspired. You can educate yourself so properly with where to start and who to reach out to uh and just like us, start with a headshot.”

Many attendees said their takeaway from the event was how important networking was and making those connections throughout the region.

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