Wildorado honors the life of Quinten Pond at first home game

Video - Quinten Pond remember at Wildorado football game

WILDORADO, Texas (KFDA) - Thursday was the first home game since the tragic death of Mustang’s starting quarterback Quinten Pond.

He was known as being a bright and shining light among everyone he encountered, and he was loved by so many.

The school has been taking the news very hard, and it is a small, tight knit close family.

He was such a major part of his high school’s athletic program, not just because of his skill, but because of who he was as a person.

“Quinten was always that guy that always came out and tried to make everybody smile and laugh, and get through practice happy, and we had a practice on Tuesday, and we have several kids step up and take that role because Quinten was such an important part of our team emotionally and physically," said Wildorado Head Football Coach Ty James.

During the first home game after his passing, the entire community and even surrounding communities were in attendance to show their support to the Pond family.

Surrounding communities also showed their support by having outside bands and cheerleaders perform during the game.

This event really brought together a lot of different people who simply wanted to uplift the Pond family.

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