Team of the Week: Bushland Falcons

Team of the Week: Bushland Falcons
The Bushland Falcons are this week's News Channel 10 Team of the Week (Source: Bushland Falcons)

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - It’s Week 3 of the Wrap Up and the News Channel 10 Team of the Week is the Bushland Falcons.

After an impressive 61-8 takedown of the Dalhart Wolves, thanks to a new school record of seven passing touchdowns by Jared Thomas, the Falcons are 2-0 to start the 2019 season.

Team of the Week: Bushland Falcons

“Well it gives us a lot more confidence since we played well in every phase of the game,” said Head Coach Jimmy Thomas. “Our defense played well, offense played well, and our special teams played well too.”

What’s equally important though to the confidence and energetic performance of Thomas’ offense is the pride he takes from his team. Thomas is able to adapt their game-plan to whatever it needs in order to be successful.

Whether it’s an opposing defense playing press-heavy against his wide receivers like in Dalhart’s case, or what Thomas expects of the Borger Bulldogs this Friday night, stuffing the box with linebackers, he feels an offense can take advantage of whatever is thrown at them.

Of course, this helps when his quarterback can have that profound connection with his numerous options in the slots.

It is his job to take advantage of secondaries not ready for what’s about to happen on the gridiron.

“We look at balance as over the year,” Thomas said about his team’s offense. “We're gonna work with what the defense gives us. They give us an empty box. We will run the ball. They give us a crowded box. We will throw the ball. We look at the whole course of the year and not exactly every game."

The Falcons are facing off against the Bulldogs, who are 0-2. It’s a tough Friday night test that Thomas hopes his team can come out with another win to stay undefeated.

Make sure to watch the video above to hear from Thomas about this week’s matchup.

Also, to see some of the highlights from their week two game.

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