Good News: High school student hosting Bible study with far-reaching impacts

Video - Good News With Dave: Bible Study Explosion

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - It is interesting how a simple idea with a very subtle beginning can explode into an endeavor with far-reaching impacts.

Carson Ozbun is a young man with a vision. Amazing things are happening, but it all started by reaching out to just one friend.

“Over the summer, I just started working on my faith and how I can reach out to people,” said Ozbun. “And, I started telling my friend group, and this kid and tried to start talking to him and ministering to him. later I invited him to read our Bibles together.”

Carson then decided to reach out to more students and asked his mother permission to host a small gathering.

“Well, I’m used to having kids over here. So that wasn’t unusual.,” said Christi Handock, Carson’s mother. “But I was working at the mall that weekend. I teach during the week, and so I just said, 'You’re gonna have to clean the house and mow the yard, and I’ll take care of the food because I’ll get back late.”

Upon returning home from work that evening, she was astonished.

“I was blown away,” said Handock. “28 Kids showed up, and it just has grown from that.”

The numbers have grown every week from the 28 initial kids to nearly a 130.

“Then every week we grew about 20, 30, 40, 50 and 70 people. Then just this last week, we had 130 people,” said Ozbun. “Right now we have eight schools who have been here so far and about 300 different people.”

Run solely by the students, incredible examples of unity are taking place within the group. As rival high school students form friendships, the quote, "popular kids" and the "forgotten group" coming alongside each other, and unlikely relationships and support systems are being born.

“My goal is to lead more people to Christ,” said Ozbun. “To be the light in the darkness in their schools. That it can like to flip our schools upside down and make like all strong Christian body within our schools.”

His mother is hoping that her son’s message helps to transform community after community.

“I want people to know that there is youth in our community that is caring about others and being Jesus hands and feet to others,” said Handock. “I hope that this could transform the world. You know this is going to transform our community.”

Just the idea that our community can change or the world can change because of a group of young people meeting right here in this backyard.

That’s just good news.

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