Dalhart school using farm to raise money, educate students about agriculture

Video - Dalhart School Rec Funds from Farming KFDA

DALHART, Texas (KFDA) - Dalhart Christian Academy is thinking outside the box when it comes to preparing for the future.

The school continues to grow, as they recently added both 7th and 8th grades.

Most of the field was silage, that will be sold to a Dalhart community dairy man, but there was a small part of sweet corn planted as well.

“We had several families and students went out and they picked sweet corn for two weekends and then we sold some but then we also distributed it to important organizations in our town that help needy families,” said Melissa Ritchey, Administrator of DCA.

The land, seeds, water, fertilizer, labor and all was donated by Dalhart Community Farmers, which takes away the cost to grow a crop of silage.

A community dairyman is contracted to purchase the silage from the school. With that money, the school will be able to go on trips and pay for scholarships for families in the school system.

“For instance, we went to Washington D.C. last spring, and a lot of these kids may not ever go back,” said Amy Schniederjan, a mom of two at DCA. “A lot of adults may never go back. However, to get to see where our founding fathers prayed, studied and believed for this new nation, that’s huge. Our students today need to know what sacrifices were made for our country.”

The farm will also educate students on the agricultural community they live in.

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