Amarillo Tri-State Fair opens today with new attractions, safety features

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Amarillo Tri-State Fair and Rodeo is back in town and opened its gates today.

“We have some new food booths, we have a couple of new rides. Of course I always look forward to watching the kids faces when they come out here and seeing the big smiles on that, then you know it’s all worth it.” said Dennis Horn, president of the Tri-State Fair Exposition.

The fair and rodeo are constantly improving every year. Last year was the first year the fair switched to the “Magic Money” system, making them one of the first fairs in Texas to go cashless.

“In the 19 years we’ve made so many changes. One of them being the way we sell tickets, we sell coupons. We went to tokens, now were at magic money. We feel like this is the best system we could possibly put on the fairgrounds.” said Verigil Bartlett, general manager of the Tri-State Fair Exposition for 19 years.

The fair will have a new company providing the petting zoo with many adorable animals.

They have also put in a new weather alert system throughout the fairground to ensure safety throughout the week.

“We continue to employ Potter County Sheriff’s Department, they do a great job for us. We just installed a new alter system out here, weather alert system. It floods the whole fair grounds.” said Bartlett.

“One of our greatest fears is not being able to get word out to those who need it. When you have people outdoors away from TV, this is a great thing. Even though we expect quiet weather most of the week, it’s good to know if some type of weather threat comes, there’s going to be a way to notify people at the fair,” said Chief Meteorologist Doppler Dave Oliver.

The fair will remain open until September 21.

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