Amarillo residents furious, say they weren’t informed of street resurfacing

kfda lack of notice for resurfacing streets

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Multiple neighborhoods in the Amarillo area are among the ones not given an official 24-hour notice when it comes to their street being resurfaced.

Residents say they were given a vague notice that was posted on their door.

It detailed their street would be resurfaced in the next seven to ten days, and another notice would be given 24 hours before the work was to begin.

“They said they put a notice and said they were going to tell you 24 hours in advance. The day they did it, they didn’t tell anybody they were doing it, and if you were in your driveway, you were stuck. You couldn’t go anywhere,” said Amarillo resident Shelly Bandy.

Some residents say if they had not seen the truck resurfacing the streets for themselves, they would have been trapped until the construction is finished and the road was dry.

“He said you’re going to be stuck on this side of the street now because the truck has come by and you can’t get to your house until we clear it. So I took off running after the truck,” said Resident Dale W. Elliott.

“We escaped right before they came. Just as they were getting here, we had an appointment, and I had to leave, so I escaped and by the time I got done with that they were done,” said resident Robert Hends.

The City of Amarillo says that this was an honest mistake and miscommunication with the contractor’s they are using.

“I think there was some miscommunication as part of the process of when the contractor," said City Engineer Matthew Thomas. "It was up to him. It was part of his contract to put out the notifications. However, I think he had a little miscommunication with the people that we’re putting them out for him, of the neighborhoods he was working at, when he was going to be working in certain neighborhoods, and I just think they were a little bit of miscommunication that allowed him to start working prior to those notifications going out.”

The City of Amarillo does say that this was just a small section of neighborhoods that did not receive a 24-hour notice.

“They are putting out notifications right now. We are trying to get them out 24 hours in advance. The notification is really to let people known to get their vehicles off the street, so we don’t have to tow them. If we do tow them, all we do is we tow them around the corner.” said Thomas.

The City of Amarillo says they have been in contact with the contractor, trying to ensure this does not happen again.

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