West Texas A&M has a new Future Students Program

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - West Texas A&M University has a new program that gives high school students the chance to experience what a day in the life of a buff is like.

“We give them an academic overview, a brief one and a welcome by our President Dr. Wendler. Then well go immediately to the tailgate area and watch the buff walk," said Sedrick Knowlton, assistant director of admissions. “Then we give them a small tour and transition to the tailgate area where we can enjoy some bbq. After they eat, we head over to their future buff zone and enjoy the game from the end zone.”

This program was only put into action a week ago, and WT says they are already experiencing success.

"The first two events have sold out,” said Jeffrey Baylor, executive director of admissions. “We’ve exceeded our goals and had approximately 200 people sign up.”

West Texas is predicting even more student engagement in the following months.

“We predict within the next two weeks we will have over 1,000 people sign up for these events,” said Knowlton.

West Texas admissions say they are reaching out and getting students interested in being future buffs from all over the country.

“They could be from as far as California or Hawaii, or they could be local panhandle kids here in region 16 or 17,” Knowlton tells us.

The goal behind this new program is to give students and their families the college experience and help make their decision on whether or not West Texas A&M is the school for them.

“The key here is for them to feel what campus is like so they can make an educated decision as a family whether or not this is the best fit for them,” said Baylor.

West Texas hopes this program will not only attract future students but also attract students who want to be at West Texas and are a good fit.

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