Panhandle residents suffering from ragweed allergies

Panhandle residents suffering from ragweed allergies
Ragweed is attacking Panhandle citizens intensely this allergy season.

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Ragweed allergies have been attacking many residents in the Panhandle all season long.

During spring and early summer, Amarillo and surrounding areas experienced a wet season where weeds began growing uncontrollably.

Among those weeds is ragweed, which continues to trigger the allergies of many Panhandle citizens.

The ragweed allergy season starts in early August and typically ends in late October.

However, depending on how the weather seasons pan out, the allergy season could expand into December.

Newschannel10′s Doppler Dave Oliver confirms the only real way to get this under control is to wait for some freezing temperatures.

“The way it is right now, we have to wait until we start getting those hard kill freezes. That normally starts about the third week of October. So, all we can do is hope and pray that it comes a little earlier this year,”said Newschannel10′s Chief Meteorologist, Doppler Dave Oliver.

Allergy specialist, Dr. Saadeh also mentions the best thing patients can do during this season is practice avoidance.

The less you are exposed to ragweed, the less you will be prone to experiencing symptoms.

Therefore, residents are encouraged to stay inside as much as possible.

It’s also important to treat your symptoms as they may worsen.

Worst-case scenario, not treating your symptoms could result in a sinus infection and/or exposure to asthma.

See your local physician to see what medications will work best for you.

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