Good news with Dave: mother and daughter meet for the first time

Video - Good news with Dave 09.6.2019 KFDA

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Family gatherings can be fun and exciting.

“There’s Amy. She’s brought three of her children, two of her grandchildren, and her mom and her dad,” said Dee Dee Kirby.

But what makes this story so incredible is that up until today, these folks have never met. Dee Dee placed her daughter Amy up for adoption A long time ago.

“I was 16, and I found out I was pregnant. I ran, there was no other option,” said Dee Dee. “Adoption was always in my mind. When I went to this agency, they walked me through everything, and it was always an empty hole there.”

Over the decades, both Dee Dee and Amy Howe struggled with the idea of ever reaching out to find the other.

“I was afraid to interrupt her life to bring any sorrow to her. I didn’t want to do that,” said Dee Dee.

Fear and rejection seemed to be something that stopped both Kirby and Amy from contacting each other.

“I thought about it a lot, but I was always afraid of rejection, like me reaching out and then not contacting me back,” said Amy. “So I was very hesitant to do that.”

Dee Dee was not able to conceive a moment she would be able to see her daughter; she had put up for adoption.

“I didn’t think it would ever come. I didn’t want to,” said Dee Dee. “I was afraid to try to find her. It was a closed adoption. You know, I did reach out one time to try to, and I was told the records are still.”

This chance to meet in fact, almost didn’t occur at all, as Dee Dee failed to recognize messages from a DNA matching site she received on her phone.

“I ignored them because I was scared to open up stuff on messenger,” said Dee Dee. “If it is somebody I don’t know, I ignored it. My daughter, she said, ‘Mom, you’ve got these notices. These messages from people. You need to do something with them.’ So, I read it, and I’m like, oh my gosh! I’m happy I didn’t just delete.”

Amy was beyond excited that she received a response she never thought she would receive.

“I was with my boyfriend, and I just absolutely started shaking,” said Amy. "I said, ‘Honey, honey, honey, I got it. I got a response. She responded. She responded.’ He was he’s like who? I said My birth mom, my birth mom, my birth mom!

With a connection made, a date was set and travel plans made for Amy and her family to come to meet her birth mother for the first time.

It’s completed it in a way I didn’t know was missing either," said Dee Dee.

“It’s so natural. It was just natural to see her.,” said Amy.

As these scenes indicate any apprehensions about meeting or fears of unexpected, were vaporized in an instant, as an automatic mother-daughter connection was established.

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