Flu vaccines being offered in conjunction with Amigo’s free heath screening Sept. 7

KFDA Flu Vaccines being Offered Early

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - October first is the start of Flu season here in the Amarillo area, and it may not be too early to get a vaccine.

Amarillo Public Health Department recommends to do this as soon as possible to help protect resident's health.

“It’s important to be vaccinated as early in the season as possible. This is because you want to give yourself time to build up those antibodies before the flu starts circulating in our community. This will protect you when the flu comes,” said Amarillo Public Health Director, Casie Stoughton.

The Amarillo public health department says while right now is an excellent time to get it, there is never a wrong time to be vaccinated.

“Anytime that you get the flu shot is the best time to get the flu shot. So if you haven’t gotten your flu shot, now is a good time but again anytime you get it is the right time,” said Stoughton.

Pharmacists recommend anyone with a compromised immune system to get the shot to protect themselves.

“Anyone with a suppressed immune system needs to be getting the flu shot if they’re a candidate and everyone around them to help prevent giving it to them," said Pharmacist Cody Frausto.

There have already been 12 cases of the flu reported here in Amarillo this season. Because of this, places already have received shipments of the vaccine and are offering flu vaccines as of today.

“Some of our local pharmacies and doctors offices have flu vaccines, so it’s a good time to get it if you haven’t yet," said Stoughton.

The Amigos grocery store is one of the places offering the vaccination. Tomorrow, Sept. 7, they will host an annual health fair where flu shots will be given for free.

“So we’re doing the free flu shots, most insurances cover them for zero co-pay,” said Frausto.

Health care professionals say it does not matter if you are vaccinated with the shot or nasal spray. However, children getting the vaccination for the first time will need two rounds of it.

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