West Texas A&M announces new VERO program


AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - West Texas A&M announced today that they would be partnering with Texas A&M to complete their new veterinary program.

The 22 million dollar Veterinary Education, Research and Outreach (VERO) facility is still in the process of being built but will house one of the top four veterinary medicine programs.

“They have such an excellent vet program," said President of West Texas A&M, Walter Wendler. “It’s well over 100 years old, its the largest vet school in the United States, there’s a lot of excellent practitioners and scholars and researchers at Texas A&M University that will have an impact at West Texas A&M University.”

Although this is a big deal for West Texas A&M, both partners could not be more excited for what is to come with this new program.

“We had a couple of people come out here to visit, and they came back fired up,” the Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine said. “They are just as excited in College Station as they are out there. And as you all know, with the power that’s out there, all one has to do is visit it and feel it understand it.”

The location of this new veterinary program could not be in a better spot geographically.

"We have something that no other place in America has. We’ve got six million beef critters within 100 miles of Canyon, Texas. There’s no other place in America that can say that. " said Wendler.

West Texas A&M is hopeful that students who study here will want to stay here.

Keeping the students in the area will help provide care for not just small animals, but large animals as well.

“If we can get students to start here, finish in college station, they will come back here to practice veterinary medicine," said Wendler.

Students will begin their first two years of schooling here in Canyon and finish their last two years in College Station.

They will have the option to come back to Canyon in their fourth year to complete their clinical rotations at a location with such a wide variety of livestock opportunities.

“Students who come from this area, who are comfortable, who have family here, who understand and who have trained here will understand both the range of professional opportunities and the personable desirability of living here,” said the President of Texas A&M University, Michael Young.

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