TX DOT 10-Year transportation plan will impact Amarillo

TX DOT 10-Year Plan

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Some of that construction the residents are already seeing can be due to the new 2020 Unified Transportation Program.

This new plan will create a better traffic flow in multiple areas such as: widening Interstate 27 from Amarillo to Canyon, creating overpasses on Interstate 40 and expanding State Loop 335 making it an official highway with access roads.

“We’re already doing a lot of the work that’s incorporated into this plan, particularly as it pertains to state loop 335 moving out westward," said Amarillo Texas Department of Transportation Public Information Officer, Sonja Gross. "Our number one goal is first to get those frontage roads out there.”

Gross said this why residents could be seeing construction moving utilities at SW 9th ave and State Loop 335.

“It’s well underway,” said Gross. “A lot of people have already noticed the relocation of the utilities, where we’re going to tie back in at Southwest Ninth Avenue. So a lot of the work that’s already in this plan is underway.”

TX DOT also plans to expand Interstate 27 hoping to make it utilized more as a main highway for the High Plains.

"One of the things we’re also looking at doing is expanding by Interstate 27 to the north, and that’s something that’s been the goal of the ports to plains corridor for several years and will be for years to come," said Gross.

Not to worry, with the expansion of I-27, TX DOT says they are to be mindful of the traffic already existing in downtown Amarillo and plan to divert the expanded highway around the city.

“The plan will more than likely tie I-27 into the loop once it gets built. Then it will reconnect to the western end and the outskirts of town,” said Gross.

Overpasses, such as south State Loop 335 and Georgia, have already been completed before the ten-year plan, but are what can be expected.

TX DOT shares that while although they have already started some construction, plans could take much longer due to funds.

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