Xcel Energy requests a rate increase

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Amarillo residents will soon be seeing an increase in their monthly electric bill.

Southwestern Public Service, or Xcel Energy, has recently submitted a rate increase request that would soon affect how much each resident is paying monthly for electricity.

However, after a state review process, the final decision is left up to city officials.

The purpose of the increase comes from an increase in operating costs.

Xcel is looking to fund an infrastructure project that reflects about $141 million.

To be able to read more in-depth into the logistics of the increase request, city council members decided to suspend the claim for 135 days before holding a final vote.

“If we’re not able to review and approve that rate inside the 35 days, we can suspend that rate increase request for 135 days," said Jared Miller, City Manager for the City of Amarillo. "That gives us more time to review the SPS rate increases. Electric rates are incredibly complicated, so it takes us some time to do the review, to do the discussion with SPS, to ask to follow up questions, to work with our attorneys, with the alliance of Xcel municipalities, so we’re on the axim steering committee.”

Once the review process is over, city officials will have full jurisdiction on the decision on whether or not to approve the rate increase request.

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