Amarillo College proposes a relocation plan for Amarillo Senior Citizens Association


AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Following an ongoing rental space conflict between Amarillo College and the Amarillo Senior Citizen Group, AC made an official offer for the seniors new home today.

Some of the biggest concerns ASCA members have been addressing with AC is their need for ample space, a kitchen, and being somewhere affordable.

Today, the Executive Vice President presented the seniors with a space they feel meets their needs and more.

The proposed new space for ASCA members will be located in the band hall on the Downtown Amarillo campus.

While the proposed space is significantly smaller than their current area, the seniors will be able to have access to a kitchen with meals provided by Faith City Mission. As well as, access to Amarillo classes such as pottery and sewing, and enough room to continue the activities they take part in, in their current building.

Also, Amarillo College has offered to pay the seniors utilities which would cut their monthly expenses down by over $1,000 dollars.

"I met with the committee and other representatives of ASCA many, many times and listened to their concerns, and they voiced many concerns about space needs, food needs, and other things, and taking all that into account," said the Executive Vice President of Amarillo College, Mark White. "We determined that there were some other solutions we could reach and some other directions we could go to try to address those needs for them."

Should seniors agree to move forward, they will be expected to move out of their current space on February 28th and into their newly renovated space on March 1st.

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