New In Amarillo: hydration station expands, plus a new shop to build your own stuffed animal and more

New In Amarillo: hydration station expands, plus a new shop to build your own stuffed animal & more

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - A growing list of new businesses are giving the Amarillo area new options to grow.

Amarillo continues to grow and so do the businesses. Right now, there is construction underway on Soncy for a third location of the Water Still that has been around for 30 years providing pure drinking water for residents in Amarillo.

“It’s vapor distillation, it’s the purest water you can get for drinking,” says Water Still Co-Owner David Kjerstad.

“Water Still has something for everybody’s taste. We have water if your not a tea drinker, we have lemonade if you don’t like tea. We call ourselves an oasis of hydration and we say taste the difference,” explains Co-Owner Jody Kjerstad. “Because when you come here, you truly know why you should be here, its refreshing.”

On Hillside next to the Valero, construction has been going on for months on a 10,000 square foot building that will have a bigger location for Abode Walls which is granite fabricator from Amarillo.

“All the granite shops here in town right now have indoor facilities and the granite is stored outside, we will have all of ours inside. It will be climate control and be nicer for our clients to shop in," says Adobe Walls General Manager Chris Sturdevant. "The granite will stay very stabilized, it wont fade, it wont weather, it will be a better experience for the customer.”

The same building that will hold Abode Walls will also have a coffee shop, HteaO and office spaces to rent that will be finished early 2020.

A few miles north on Coulter, Build-A-Bear Workshop just opened a new location within a Walmart . People of all ages can have a Build-A-Bear Make-Your-Own experience, complete with accessories and Build-A-Party packages. Building a furry friend starts at $10.

The Build-A-Bear Workshop is open 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and is now available at a leased spaced in the Walmart.

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