Veteran Resource Center in Amarillo celebrates 5 years of helping veterans

Veteran Resource Center in Amarillo celebrates 5 years of helping veterans
Local veterans celebrate 5th anniversary of Veterans Resource Center. (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Veterans Resource Center (VRC) in Amarillo, celebrated its fifth anniversary today.

In the last five years, the VRC has helped provide services to thousands of veterans not just in Amarillo, but the entire Texas Panhandle.

“It has not just impacted the 3,000 veterans we serve,” explained CEO of Family Support Services, Jim Womack. “It is impacted all their family members. It has impacted the business they now work for. They have homes where they were homeless before. So it is a ripple effect, its a huge effect.”

The facility has become a home for those veterans going through hard times.

“It gives them a place to come and be around people like themselves, who are having problems or who need a place to rest,” states veteran Richard Johnson who helps out at the VRC.

The Veterans Resource Center has also become a place struggling veterans can confide in.

“It is growing, it is taking care of our homeless vets,” said veteran Tony Blackwell. “It is taking care of our veterans coming back that do not know how to take care of their facilities, or get what they need done in life and they help them a great deal."

Supporters said the funds given to struggling veterans are monitored to ensure donations are being used in the best possible way.

“We don’t give them to them direct, so they can be misused," said Johnson.

With all of the success the program has experienced, Womack is excited for what is to come in the future.

“Expanding some of our equine therapy programs, we see how successful that is," he said. "So we were asking for more grant money for that. Just to continue the approach, and we are partnering with some other organizations, possibly on the satellite location for the next year.”

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