Doppler Dave’s Good News Gang volunteer program expanding, seeking volunteers


AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Last school year, we introduced the Good News Gang, a group of volunteers that helped children with reading skills at Rolling Hills Elementary.

The Good News Gang is expending. We’re now partnering with Wolflin Elementary, and hopefully many more schools in the future.

Since we are expanding, we need more volunteers!

Most schools just simply need reinforcements.

I think there’s a mindset out there that “Hey, every school has teachers. So the needs are met.”

“We do meet academic needs, but some of the kids need more time,” said Denise Blanchard, the Community Partnerships program director at AISD. “They need a little more, a little more caring in areas of math and reading. So that’s where we really rely on our volunteers, our need for volunteers is great."

Blanchard continued to elaborate, saying that students need to make great relationships with teachers and adults but also their communities.

“We have students who have great relationships with teachers and adults in their communities," said Blanchard. "And we have some who don’t have quite as many relationships with adults that we want them to have. Everybody needs caring adults who know their name and can, you know, lend value to, to education. "

Students can obviously be influenced in a very positive way through volunteering, but the volunteers themselves often receive blessings as well.

“When a volunteer walks into a campus, and they’re matched with the students. The academics is there, but that personal relationship,” said Blanchard. “The knowing that you’re needed, knowing that you’re loved, and that you are valued, your students get value and they get the love and acceptance that they need, but also our volunteers know that that they are so, so important.”

If you are a parent, grandparent, retiree or just someone looking for a way to invest in children, contact us through the Good News Gang Facebook Group, Doppler Dave’s Facebook page or go straight to the Amarillo ISD website.

“On our website, there’s a button down on the bottom, a little red wagon," said Blanchard. “They need to click on the red wagon and that will take them to a volunteer page, they will need to select tutoring slash you know mentoring, and then the campus that they’re wanting to participate at of course."

This is a program where young lives can forever be changed.

“Having someone show that you are valuable and you are worth my time,” said Blanchard. “We want people to come in and tell our students that they are worthy.”

When you volunteer at a school, students benefit, volunteers benefit, teachers benefit. It’s better for the school and the future has more potential.

It’s just all good news.

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